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Teacher and Young Student


A Trauma Informed Approach

Trauma impacts children's ability to learn, form relationships and function in the classroom. Our approach is aimed at promoting resilience through developing a positive and trusting relationship with the tutor, increasing the capacity for self regulation and utilizing structured learning supports. Tier NYC tutors are trained in our trauma informed approach and receive frequent support and supervision to provide the quality instruction to students.

Tier NYC will create strength based, individualized programs depending on the student's needs. Sessions can vary in length, location, and content to best support the child.

Areas of content include:

  • all academic subjects

  • early literacy

  • ABA support 

  • organizational and skill building

  • test prep (TASC, SAT, ACT, Regents)

Consistent and frequent communication is imperative to the student's success. Tier NYC will promote and participate in developing effective communication for parents, staff, teachers, and students to most easily remain connected. 

Tutoring: Services
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